Welsh Language In Education

Teachers in Wales are looking at expanding their horizons with current education news covering strikes over funding and teacher pay in Wales. But, aside from the pay disputes that the education sector faces, there is hope for more Welsh language and culture to work it’s way back into schools.

With many schools in Wales opening up that focus on Welsh language, there is a calling for teachers and TA’s with language skills. Individual learning institutes and education providers such as Jigsaw Education Group have started adding Welsh speaking influences into their curriculum to allow students to explore their learning and heritage through their native language.

While Welsh may not have the grip on everyday life in Wales that it used to have, Welsh speaking skills enable children to connect with their ancestors, culture and heritage. Reports have found that Welsh language in education can help children expand their horizons in the future. Bi-lingual speaking skills, Welsh or otherwise, can provide the youth of today with more extensive horizons in their future careers.

In fact, while it is not big news that is circulating every household, it is a Welsh government objective to have over 1 million Welsh speakers in the country by 2050, which means nearly 1/3rd of the population!

BEST are looking at getting more Welsh language in education too! We hope to see more Teachers and TA’s applying for roles with us to fill the gaps in Welsh speaking schools and get the next generation learning Cymreig!

If you’re a Welsh speaker, let us know! Apply to work with us at BEST, we would love to hear from you!

If you already work for us, and you can speak Welsh, let us know!

Welsh is WANTED!!!