Teacher Mental Health in Welsh Schools

Its important for all of us to be in a healthy mindset when we are in school, but this is especially important for tutors, TA’s, and teachers. These individuals are the backbone of a school, and teacher mental health can rub off on the kids! How is mental health doing in schools? Well, let me tell you about that!

Mental Health in the workplace has been big news since 2020, but now, four years on from COVID-19, it’s more important than ever in education. Teachers and staff in the education sector have seen big hits in Welsh schools lately, violence and abuse is at a higher point than ever. So, how can we make sure that we are doing as well as possible in ourselves in good and bad times?

Well, in spite of the many breaking news stories lately about teachers and pupils experiencing abuse and violence in schools, mental health is on the rise! With mental health looking up we can only hope that the types of incidents being reported will decline in due time. News recently came out of the Flourish project that is working towards better mental health in schools. The programme has seen a lot of testing done in Ystrad Mynach Primary School, where the results have been great, and we, at BEST would love to see this rolled out across Wales for positive impact on teachers, students, and whole schools!

Some of the feedback from the project has been focused on how it’s improving personal worth, and self confidence. This opens up hope for the future and will hopefully bring more joy and positivity back into the classroom.

Mental Health at BEST!

We find that, when things get a little tough, the Calm App can be a great way to unwind, and remember to breathe. At BEST, we know mental health is important, and always want to make sure our staff, be they Teachers, TA’s, Tutors, Invigilators or otherwise, all feel happy. Our team are always there to keep you at ease, and calm any anxieties you have. Teacher mental health is so important, we are shaping the next generation after all.

Teacher’s can also become mentors and idols to some kids, so if we practice good mental health, many students will surely follow suit.

Try these top tips to keep in good mental shape:

  1. Stay active: EVEN a 30 minute walk can make all the difference.
  2. Take some time to spend with yourself.
  3. Regulate your sleep cycle.
  4. Talk to friends or family.
  5. Don’t bottle up your emotions.
  6. Treat yourself – Yes, a little treat once in a while is OK!

The flourish project has the right idea! A happy teacher, helps generate a happy classroom!

Working with us at BEST, you always have our support. Don’t forget, you can contact us, our team is always there to support our staff!