Are Teacher’s REALLY In Short Supply?

Back in 2023, there were reports and rumours that teachers were in support supply. The Independent made a story in June 2023 that headteachers had made statements that teacher’s were in short supply in English Schools. Is it the same story in Wales, and are schools really struggling to get the staff in? BEST is the ‘best’ place to find out about education updates in South Wales and today we are going to give you the inside know-how on this story!

According to the 2023 news update, teachers were in short supply, with fewer people entering the system and more leaving. Like many industries, the education industry has struggled in recent years, with pay rates across the board in the UK not going up to match the Cost-Of-Living Crisis. However, many have been concerned about it’s impact on kids. The story in England and Wales is often not too different, but are we struggling as much in Wales as in England?

We aren’t going to give you the statistics, but instead, we think it’s important go get an inside view into why this has been the point of view. One reason we believe that teachers are considered to be in short supply is due to those who want to pursue a career in education not having enough information on how to actually get there!

Inside Knowledge

To get the inside scoop on Teacher supplies in South Wales, I had a chat with our very own Rhys Checker: the BEST Recruitment Consultant.

Rhys, do you think there is a shortage of teachers in Wales?

“Yes, I think so. It’s mainly due to there not being a great image pulling new, younger people into the field. Everyone knows teachers have a lot of stress, it’s hard work and doesn’t have a great work-life balance. We all want that!”

That is a good point. Do you think that we can draw more people into teaching?

“Absolutely. Teacher’s often take their work home with them, and people know this. But, what most people don’t know is that teaching via an agency, you can get a better life-work balance. Unless you’re long-term. I think this is often missed out. The country definitely needs more investment in schools and education. There would also be a huge benefit if teacher’s home-working hours could be reduced.”

Work-life balance is key, what do you think about the school subjects?

“Oh! Yes, I think more people would be drawn to teaching if the curriculum was more practical. I think I know more people who would love to teach taxes, cooking, you know… life skills, rather than algebra or the periodic table. A curriculum that we all feel will benefit kid’s in their future would make more people want to teach, from my point of view. That is why I believe the new curriculum is going to be a good choice, it embodies this. It will likely have a fantastic impact on people wanting to be teachers and, hopefully, academic and life-skill success in Wales.”

Is It An Industry Problem Or Financial?

It’s probably both, but like many industries now, representation is key. Does mass media represent the truth of teaching, how rewarding it is? Or, do news stories focus on the one-off doom and gloom spectacles that are good for getting clicks?

That being said, schools definitely need more funding. The more funding schools will have, the more they will be able to hire new and skilled teachers! It’s definitely industry-wide, but knowledge is key is resolving shortage issues. Those with a passion for teaching can always enter the field via an agency like us at BEST. We help and benefit teachers with long-term and short-term opportunities, great pay rates, holiday pay, and supporting newly qualified teachers (NQT’s) with induction.

Teaching is a rewarding job, we think perhaps people looking at starting their careers didn’t get the right impression. Teaching is an opportunity to not only shape the minds of tomorrow, but learn. As a teacher you will teach the kids, but every day they are sure to teach you something new as well. You work with people from various backgrounds, environments, and learning styles, you learn on the job.

As we like to say here at B.E.S.T:

Every day’s a school day”.